student info

how much?  aerial classes are $160 for an 8-week session, payable the first day of class.  handstand classes are $80 for an 8-weeks session.  checks are made out to Sara Sparrow.

what to wear? form-fitting workout attire that fully covers the backs of your knees, your waist, and armpits.  you might consider wearing layers: a leotard, tights under pants, a long- and short-sleeved shirt.  please wear deodorant…thanks in advance.  please remove all jewelry prior to the start of class.

when are open gyms?  open gym is Wednesdays 5-7pm, $10 drop in.  open gym at Sparrow Studios is for enrolled students only.  currently, this is the only non-class time open to students for training.

private instruction? lessons for enrolled students are $40/hr.  non-enrolled students start at $50/hr.  prices are for one student.  each additional student adds $5 to the total.  a maximum of three students can attend a private lesson.

make-up classes? you are allowed to attend a make-up class if you miss your scheduled class time.  please consult the calendar for the studio schedule.  Handstand classes cannot attend an aerial class as a make-up.  it is best to choose a make-up class that is closest your class in level.

cancellations and refunds?  once the first day of class has passed, you are no longer eligible for a full refund.  there is a non-refundable $50 deposit with every tuition.  every class that passes before you ask to be un-enrolled from the class will deduct a further $15 from your total refund.  there are NO refunds available after week 4.  if emergency or injury prevents you from taking a class, we can discuss a credit towards future classes.  in case of an early $50 deposit required to hold a place in an Intro class, no refunds will be offered in case of cancellation.

studio guidelines

* aerialists should wear well-fitting, adequate clothing that covers waists and backs of knees, to avoid injury.  no zippers, studs, rings, or pointy jewelry on the equipment.

* pay attention to what is happening around you!  never walk under a piece of equipment when someone is in the air, and watch out for flying legs near the trapeze.

* please keep your food and beverage away from the workout area, and off the mats!

* keep in mind that the equipment you are using is highly specialized, and very expensive.  please treat it with respect and care!

* if Sara or another instructor thinks you are acting unsafely at any time, and asks you to stop, please do so, or you will be asked to leave the gym.

* please keep the rosin in the containers provided, and avoid making dust.

* friends and family are welcome to come observe you during class or open gym.  no one who is not a enrolled student will be allowed on the mats or equipment.

thank you for reading and abiding by the rules…they keep this studio safe for everyone.