circus classes

sara has been an aerial and acrobatic instructor for the past six years.  in 2013, she founded the Aviary, a community-managed aerial and acrobatic studio in Olympia, and will be opening her very own space, Sparrow Studios, in the summer of 2015.  her instruction encompasses trapeze, rope, fabric, lyra, hand balancing, and partner acrobatics, as well as tumbling, invention, flexibility, act creation and refinement, solo, double, and group work.  her background as a massage therapist and anatomy student informs her teachings on form and alignment, and she puts a lot of energy into giving her students a diverse and thorough education that includes physical health, wild gestures of art making, and good solid technique.

in addition to the Aviary, sara has taught in Seattle and Bellingham, WA; and Taos, Santa Fe, and Penasco, NM.

please contact sara with any questions about future classes at Olympia’s downtown Sparrow Studios, by using the contact menu on this website.


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