“sara sparrow is one of the most theatrically innovative circus performers in the northwest.” -David “Leapin Louie” Lichtenstein

sara sparrow came to circus through a background as a gymnast, an actor and performer in musical theater, and as a classically-trained singer and musician who also holds a degree in visual art. she has a distinctive awkward grace that permeates her solo aerial and acrobatic work. a malleable character actor with a wide range of interests, she is entranced by the collaborative effort of performer and audience, and the unparalleled possibility of modern circus.

she has performed and created with Levity, the AerialistasRicochet, and the Tallhouse Arts Consortium, and has worked for Teatro ZinZanni, the Friedrichsbau VarieteTeatro Circo Price, and Animate Objects Physical Theater. although she has performed all over the west coast from Seattle to Oakland, and internationally in Japan, Spain, and Germany, she is currently most at home in Olympia, Washington.

sara is a proficient performer on most aerial apparatus, including static and single-point trapeze, fabric, rope, hoop, and frame, and has ready-to-perform acts on static trapeze, rope, hoop, and fabric.  she is also an excellent ground performer, with a range of acrobatic skills from tumbling to hand balancing, to partner acrobatics, stilts, and character work.

sara also currently offers aerial and acrobatic classes and private instruction at a beginning through advanced level at Sparrow Studios in Olympia, Washington.

here is a link to a current version of my resume…please contact me with any specific questions you may have.