aerial classes

sara has been an aerial instructor for the past six years.  her instruction encompasses trapeze, rope, fabric, lyra, act creation and refinement, solo, double, and group work.  her background as a massage therapist and anatomy student informs her teachings on form and alignment, and she puts a lot of energy into giving her students a diverse and thorough education that includes physical health, wild gestures of art making, and good solid technique.

sara has spent the last six years developing a curriculum that begins with Intro to Aerial, and continues through Continuing Beginner 1, 2, and 3 classes, and finally into Intermediate and Advanced techniques.  the curriculum focusses on safety and progressive learning, as well as safely building strength and flexibility.

students interested in taking aerial classes with sara should contact her directly via email.  there may be a waiting list for introductory classes.

sara is a highly regarded and sought-after instructor who has taught in Olympia, Seattle, and Bellingham, Washington, as well as Santa Fe, Penasco, and Taos, New Mexico.

“sara sparrow is a seriously talented teacher who’s also a lot of fun to be around. After years of introducing students to the aerial arts, she’s able to offer advice & direction on topics ranging from stretching and musculature to movement theory, and can quickly assess areas of improvement for each student, including concrete steps to get there. She fosters a sense of community in her classes while also challenging each participant to exceed perceived limits. sara has a strong focus on artistic expression, really preparing students to come into their own as performers as well as athletes.”  –Emily