Downriver Hymns


every summer at Smokefarm, when the tall grass is crisped dry, and the Stillaguamish River almost warm enough to swim in, artsy folks from Seattle come north for the Lo-Fi Arts Festival.  a few years ago, myself and some other aerialists from Olympia presented ‘Watch’, a collaborative aerial piece that explored the human relationship to time and timelessness, dangling from a massive maple tree, and rolling frantically on the dusty ground.  this year, i’m excited to be collaborating with a ridiculously inspiring and accomplished crew of aerialists from Seattle on a piece called ‘Downriver Hymns’.  this piece was breathed into being by Tanya Brno, and features seven aerialists dangling from, and dancing upon, large ‘wind chimes’, tuned to the notes of a diatonic scale.  we will be playing an original score on the windchimes, composed by John Olufs.  other performers include Adrienne Jack-Sands and Oliver Parkinson of Duo Volta, Lara Paxton, Kari Hunter, Jill Marissa, and Tanya.   i’ve been enjoying the process of learning to work on the suspended pole, and i’m looking forward to a gorgeous campout and performance weekend with my friends in September.

about this project, in Tanya’s words:

…For this project, we are intending to create an illuminated forest grotto space rigged with 7 steel poles that support performances both physical and vocal with  subtle undertones towards the recent upriver mudslide.  Our site is 20′ back from the Stillaguamish and about 10 miles downstream from where the Oso disaster occurred.  How the land and the community has been affected will inform our performances as well.

Our multi-genre installation this year stems from the idea of creating “Human Windchimes”; using an aerial apparatus (suspended dance pole) to not only support performance physical but also musical in nature….

the Lo-Fi Arts Festival is September 5-7, 2014.  visit their website for information on how to come participate, volunteer, and camp out.